listen, by gina balibrera

all proceeds go to raices


you almost home, boy, by robert gibbons

all proceeds go to the imani house


glitter priestess recipe zine, by damali abrams

all proceeds go to the free black women's library


unparallel, by zahura akter

all proceeds go to voices of bangla


available broadsides

santísima, by gina balibrera

a risograph printed broadside // consider purchasing with gina’s hc chapbook *listen* // a portion of proceeds go to raices


beware the charismatic leader, by sherese francis

a risograph printed broadside


available chapbooks

a packet of poems between portuguese & english 

with contributions from brenda hillman and sebastião edson macedo, natan barreto and john edmund rhodes, ana martins marques and elisa wouk almino


conception, by penny alexander

a letterpress printed chapbook of typewriter art visualizing the early stages of pregnancy.



suspended whispers, by roja chamankar

a trilingual edition of 8 poems, translated by emily beyda & illustrated by jade fusco (dmzl).



the little typewriter, by siegfried kracauer

the little typewriter is a story by the german jewish author and film critic siegfried kracauer, who immigrated to new york during world war ii. this playful story cum capitalist critique, originally published in german in 1927, has been lovingly translated by johannes von moltke, with illustrations by vlad beronja.


available back issues

issue 8/9

our 5th anniversary double issue (8: “not a metaphor” / 9: “sitting between chairs”). issue 8 was guest edited by jp howard & casey rocheteau (poetry), ginger buswell (prose), & alisha wessler (art). the issue includes the poetry of tara betts, destiny o. birdsong, amber flame, micaela foley, alexis pauline gumbs, amanda johnston, stacey knecht, and pamela laskin, prose by emily hunt kivel and meg whiteford, and art by matt neff. issue 9 included guest editors kristin dickinson, emily goedde, and anne posten, with art direction by alisha wessler. the issue includes poetry by denés krusovszky, ana martins marques, kepa murua, alejandro saravia, iryna starovoit, prose by david albahari and jennifer croft, and translations by penny alexander, genevieve arlie, elisa wouk almino, ellen elias-bursac, maría josé giménez, sandra kingery, grace mahoney, saein park, agnieszka pokojska, & eliana vagalau. featured art by melanie teresa bohrer. cover design by kayla romberger.



issue 6

issue 6 “to all, to all children” is created for and by kids. contributors are lola calise, ian mclellan davis, lilya davis, meghan forbes, jade fusco, sean goggin, d.f. huettner, evan marsee, & nathan earl rose.



issue 5.5

issue 5.5 “words in revolution” is a spoken word record with piano intro/outro by ian mclellan davis. contributions by ross edwards, meghan forbes, jade fusco, isaac gillespie, hannah mcmurray, nathan earl rose, & lucien walker.


brick and mortar

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