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a series of chapbooks and pamphlets that reflect critically on social, political, and environmental issues. all proceeds from these publications will go to an organization of the author’s choosing.

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Substitute Teacher Chronicles (Yasmine Lancaster)

all proceeds go to Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary, Rooted Theater Company, & Grass Roots Artists Movement


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october 2019

Listen, an excerpt from the novel The Volcano-Daughters (Gina Balibrera)

all proceeds go to RAICES






You Almost Home Boy (Robert Gibbons)

all proceeds go to the Imani House

glitter priestess_half



Glitter Priestess Recipe Zine (Damali Abrams)

all proceeds go to the Free Black Women’s Library


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How to be a Woman According to Prime Time & Social Media & Pop Culture (Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie & Margreet van der Vlies)

all proceeds go to the eSwatini chapter of sos children’s villages

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Unparallel (Zahura Akter)

all proceeds will go to voices of bangla






Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling (Sherese Francis)

all proceeds will go to darda

found but lost 1



Found, But Really Lost (Pamela Laskin) 

all proceeds go to fortify rights





submit: actively seeking poetry collections (8-12 poems), essays & prose (max. 2,000 words), as well as musical or visual responses to contemporary social justice issues. the author of a selected manuscripts will receive a small honorarium, and is invited to select an organization to which all proceeds will be donated. send inquiries via our contact form.

co-editors are meghan forbes & sherese francis.