receive 4 mailings of socially oriented chapbooks and pamphlets throughout the year.

all proceeds go to an organization of the author’s choosing. 



2019 social justice subscription (4 mailings per year)

march: *glitter priestess recipe zine* by damali abrams // may: *you almost home, boy* by robert gibbons


or purchase individually:


you almost home, boy, by robert gibbons

all proceeds go to the imani house



glitter priestess recipe zine, by damali abrams

all proceeds go to the free black women's library



how to be a woman according to prime time & social media & pop culture, by mariahadessa ekere tallie & margreet van der vlies

all proceeds go to the eSwatini chapter of sos children’s villages




unparallel, by zahura akter

all proceeds go to voices of bangla




variations on sett/ling seed/ling, by sherese francis *SOLD OUT*

all proceeds go to darda, dominica american relief and development association




found, but really lost, by pamela laskin *SOLD OUT*

poems crafted out of words read in the new york times // all proceeds go to fortify rights