Penny Alexander

dedicated to her two young daughters, this book is a gesture of gratitude and celebration to those greatly overlooked formative moments during those initial short days: when a woman is rarely aware of her condition. much focus is on the latter stages of pregnancy, but this book looks instead to the timing and odds of these natural processes—unseen, unfeeling and a secret to all but our voiceless reproductive system.

suspended whispers_cover

Suspended Whispers

Roja Chamankar

translated by Emily Beyda and illustrated by Jade Fusco

a trilingual and illustrated edition of poems in persian, french & english. the book is a collaboration between three women, all based in austin, texas at the time of publication: poet roja chamankar, author and translator emily beyda, and artist jade fusco.

edited by meghan forbes.


The Little Typewriter

Siegfried Kracauer

translated by Johannes von Moltke and illustrated by Vlad Beronja

the little typewriter is a story by the german jewish author and film critic Siegfried Kracauer, who immigrated to new york during world war two. this playful story cum capitalist critique, originally published in german in 1927, has been lovingly translated by Johannes von Moltke, with illustrations by Vlad Beronja.

edited by meghan forbes and Hannah Pröbsting (McMurray).

silent rain coverSilent Rain!

Zahura Akter

silent rain! is a triptych of poems by zahura akter, letterpressed and encased in a black linen envelope, that explore issues of gender equality and navigating between different cultures, languages, and geographic spaces.

other hc-affiliated chapbooks:

a packet of poems between portuguese & english

contributions from Brenda Hillman and Sebastião Edson MacedoNatan Barreto and John Edmund Rhodes, Ana Martins Marques and Elisa Wouk Almino, and Francisco “Chico” Alvim and John Keene

Oral Histories

by Vlad Beronja

& Then There’s All the Art You Make

by Barbara Brown, Jim Horton, and meghan forbes