harlequin creature is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 small press imprint founded by meghan forbes in new york in 2011. for a decade, hc put out hand-made periodical publications, chapbooks, and broadsides several times a year, and hosts literary events in cities across the united states.

hc is a collaborative platform that welcomes suggestions for cooperative publishing projects, and also pairs with a variety of public institutions to conduct innovative creative writing and art-making workshops. please browse our website for more information, and contact us with questions or comments.

mission statement:

  • harlequin creature incorporated is to be an arts and literary imprint that provides a carefully curated format for artists, writers, and musicians to showcase their work.
  • it is an inclusive micro-press that seeks to center translations from underrepresented languages and new works by women-identifying authors. the nature of the publication, handmade and collaborative at all stages of production, encourages engagement by and with contributors.
  • it is the intent of harlequin creature to facilitate art and literary production not only through its publication calendar, but by offering creative community workshops with partner institutions, as well as hosting various literary events in new york city and across the country. 
  • harlequin creature further builds its relationship with authors, partners and the public through its yearly membership program, in which members regularly receive mail art dispatches.

board members:

Ian McLellan Davis, meghan forbes, Sherese Francis, Hannah Pröbsting