dispatchwork: a mail art subscription service

the harlequin creature collective is a yearly subscription service of $10/year.

become a member and help us to continue to put out unique and inventive printing projects. as a member you will receive and be invited to participate in occasional mail art projects throughout the year. mailings also include advanced notification of forthcoming new titles.

harlequin creature collective

1 year membership


the collective currently includes :

  • Abby Bennett | st. louis, mo

  • Vlad Beronja | austin, tx

  • Barbara Brown | ann arbor, mi

  • Ian McLellan Davis | nyc

  • Katherine Davis | miami, fl

  • Nike Desis | new london, ct

  • Dorothy Forbes | camarillo, ca

  • Jim Forbes | cornell, ca

  • meghan forbes | nyc

  • Thom Forbes | hastings-on-hudson, ny

  • Sherese Francis | queens, ny

  • Emily Goedde | philadephia, pa

  • Rachel Lee | queens, ny

  • Ken Mikolowski | ann arbor, mi

  • Anne Posten | berlin, germany

  • Hannah Pröbsting | lausanne, switzerland

  • Janice Smith | cheltenham, pa

previous members :

Tatjana Aleksić, Ori Alon, Nana Ariel, Nina Buckless, Ginger Buswell, Kristin Dickinson, Valentina Di Liscia, JP Howard, Francesca Hyatt MC Hyland, Lisa Olson, Theresa Peter, Richard Polt, Casey Rocheteau, Olga Salimova, Alisha Wessler, and Jessica Zychowicz