harlequin creature is pleased to work with public organizations to offer creative programming that engages an exhibition or theme, and employs a variety of printing technologies, to encourage participants to express themselves through art and text production.

while past workshops have most frequently been geared towards kids and teens, we are also very happy to work with adult populations, including writing groups, literacy centers, and within the penitentiary system.

previous workshops locations

  • 826michigan

  • 826nyc

  • the ann arbor district library, michigan

  • book culture bookstore, nyc

  • the chelsea district library, michigan

  • dia:beacon, nyc

in conjunction with carl andre: sculpture as place, 2014

  • the solomon r. guggenheim museum, nyc

in conjunction with the exhibitions

  1. moholy-nagy: future present, 2016

  2. photo-poetics, 2016

  3. storylines, 2015

  4. italian futurism: reconstructing the universe, 2014

  • salt & cedar, detroit

  • signal-return, detroit

other partners

  • boston art book fair

  • free verse at the NeON probation center, south bronx

the development or our youth workshops was underwritten by a crowdsource funding campaign in 2013.
we thank all those who contributed donations:

Jeanne Adwani

Sasha Arutyunova

Lynne Avadenka

Bad Monkey Productions

Barbara Brown

Richard Cariello

Jennifer Carr

Barbara Carson

Sarah Cramsey

Lizzie Collins

Jon Crowley

Ian McLellan Davis

Katherine Davis

Vicki Davis

Carmen Dean

Maureen Donahue

Alison Forbes

Connor Forbes

Dorothy Forbes

Jim Forbes

Thom Forbes

Amanda Jane Getty

Constance Harper

Nina Hauser

Nathan Earl Hess

Ruth Hoffman

Daniella Jaeger

Erin Keller

Gail Lannoy

Sarah Miller

Tommy Miller

Liam Moriarty

Zakary Munoz

Kris Nolte

Katherine Pan

Stephanie Periera

Zak Santucci

Renee Scherer

Sandy Schovanec

Search & Restore

Kathryn Sederburg

Riley Trumbull

Janine Vangool

Judy Varley

Ellie White

Howard White