utensils broadsideutensils

utensils is a bi-lingual english/portuguese edition of a poem by ana martins marques, translated by elisa wouk almino. illustrated with a work by the czech surrealist artist toyen, from her “shooting range” cycle (1939-1940). broadside is printed on 80 lb. french paper and risograph printed.

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silent rain coversilent rain! 

silent rain! is a triptych of poems by zahura akter, letterpressed and encased in a black linen envelope, that explore issues of gender equality and navigating between different cultures, languages, and geographic spaces.

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all proceeds will be donated to voices of bangla.

zahura akter grew up in new york city, between bengali and american cultures. she graduated from the city college of new york with a master’s degree. her first poetry book is traditional paradox out from banglar kobita prokashon. she loves to write. her writing is about ordinary people, who have extraordinary qualities within them. 

edited by meghan forbes.