Binding a Divine Multiplicity Into One, Sherese Francis

For the final issue, hcx editor and poet, Sherese Francis, contributed her chapbook, titled “Binding a Divine Multiplicity Into One.” This chapbook was composed from fusions of Sherese’s oracle poetry and prompt poetry work on her Instagram page @afutureancient. 

In this 42 minute presentation, Sherese shows the process behind her I & I Oracle poetry series in which she writes poetry based on her readings of various tarot, lenormand and oracle decks. For the presentation, she describes her background in card reading and her practice of intuitive tarot spreads, offering a sample spread and analysis, and then ending with an oracle poem. 

The 7-poem chapbook itself is modeled after a card deck, inviting readers to shuffle through the poems to choose a card(s) to read and be inspired to create their own response to the prompt of the poem. Additionally, the collection includes a self-drawn sigil of Sherese’s name and a Moon card tarot portrait of Sherese created by Omi the Bruja. If you would like to support Sherese’s work and receive your own personal oracle poem, you can visit her website or become a patron on her Patreon, where she will continue to give more in-depth analysis of her intuitive spreads from I & I Oracle. 

this online publication is a part of the tenth and final issue of harlequin creature: hcx. click the “HCX” tag above the title to read/see/hear other contributions to the issue, and go to our “magazine” page to order a copy of the print anthology, which includes eight distinct book projects. 

more on hcx here.

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