Dance Floor Realization, Hiromi Kiba

In celebration of hcx, an interdisciplinary artist, Hiromi Kiba contributed her chapbook, titled, ‘Dance Floor Realization’. The subject is Kiba’s new vision and understanding of herself through interacting with fellow dancers. Her poetic ‘Light Reflex’ series, interpret unity through music and dance as well as yin and yang in mind.

This seven-minute video explains the significance of the mirror ball in Kiba’s work. Her creative development is introduced with four key phases. The first phase, ‘Dancing’, describes the roots of her inspiration. The second phase, ‘Previous Work’ revisits her initial trial. The third phase, ‘Poetry Performance’ represents her enlightenment. The fourth phase, ‘Audio & Print Media’ shares her ideas in tangible forms.

The cover of Kiba’s circular chapbook is decorated with an image of the golden mirror ball. The original artwork, ‘Untitled’ was painted by August Goulet. The music, titled, ‘Shiny Thing’, appeared in the video is produced by Monchan.

this online publication is a part of the tenth and final issue of harlequin creature: hcx. click the “HCX” tag above the title to read/see/hear other contributions to the issue, and go to our “magazine” page to order a copy of the print anthology, which includes eight distinct book projects.

more on hcx and its contributors here.

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